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Keys to Scandinavian Christmas: Color palette

So, yes, a typical Scandi color scheme will be a medley of creams, greys, browns….neutrals. And that is a great place to start! But, at Christmas…..let’s take it up a notch and introduce a bold hue. In this case, I’m taking my cue from the winterberries that say “Christmas” to me. The deep, passionate red really warms up a neutral palette. 

Keys to Scandinavian Christmas: Nature

For Scandi Christmases, nature nurtures. Imagine yourself in a Scandi country at Christmas. What do you see? Me? I see snow, evergreens (another great choice to add to your palette above if red doesn’t grab you), reindeer, cabins….a typical snowy paradise. Sooooo bring that feeling to YOUR home.

Place the logs in your home a little more thoughtfully. Make them part of your decor! Keep your wreath really realistic (and real if you can swing it!). For Christmas, stay natural.

Keys to Scandinavian Christmas: Textures

When you live in a winter wonderland, you’ll want to cuddle up, right? And that is PERFECT for Christmas. Bring in blankets, pillows, slippers. The cozier the better.

But texture applies to your eyes as well as your skin. Eyes love looking at multi-dimensional objects. Items that require a little extra attention. The good news is that the textiles you choose can go hand in hand with your color palette and nature decor. Those logs you brought in? Keep the ones with knots. The blankets you wrap ’round you? Chunky knits are PERFECT for this. 

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