Pears + Prunes + Cloves Baby Puree (Constipation Cure)

This Pears, Prunes + Cloves Baby Food recipe is a tasty puree that will help cure baby constipation right up! An easy puree made with fresh pears, prunes and cloves. Great for 6+ months.

Graphic for Post - constipation cure baby food - pear, prune and clove puree for baby. Image is a bowl fo baby food with a spoon holding a little bite.

Constipation Puree for Baby

Got a little one that is backed up 😳?

For most parents, a baby’s constipation can be a troubling concern, especially because symptoms usually appear at 3 am. 

While baby’s little bellies might be going MORE MORE MORE for all of the new delicious foods you are serving them, their delicate intestines might be saying WHOA THERE COWBABY, EASY DOES IT ✋!

It takes a while for a baby’s digestive system to catch up with its stomach, so while a backed-up baby is unnerving, it is nothing to completely freak out about.

Because both pears and prunes are packed with natural laxatives and fiber they help get things going down there in a completely safe and gentle way.

And while I am calling this the Constipation Cure Puree 💩, you can really make and serve this puree anytime because it is soooooo good.

Sweet pears are steamed until just tender and then pureed with re-hydrated prunes and a dash of cloves to make a delicious puree that will help baby become more regular.


  • creamy and smooth
  • aids in digestion and eases constipation in baby
  • nutrient-dense – high in fiber, folate and vitamins C and K
  • baby food for 6 months and up
  • freezer-friendly
  • fast to make – done in less than 20 minutes
  • tastes great – baby will love it
Cutting board with pears, dried prunes and cloves.


  • Pears: are a great fruit to add into a constipation puree as they are full of two types of fiber that will gently get things moving for baby down there. You can use any pear variety you have on hand: Bartlett, Concorde, Bosc or Comice will all work.
  • Prunes: are used in this constipation remedy as they have a high sorbitol content which acts as a gentle laxative for baby.
  • Cloves: is a great addition in this puree as it helps with the production of gastric mucus and fiber that is good for digestive health.

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