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Winter Solstice Celebration: Snacks

For something a little more filling than s’mores, think of warm, hearty meals like soups or stews, crusty breads, winter fruits like oranges, apples and pears, cider, hot cocoa, spiced nuts…you name it!

In the spirit of gathering (and to take some of the stress off of you) go potluck style. If they’re up for it, ask guests to bring a food with meaning to them to share with the group!

These are just a few of the many things you can do at your winter solstice gathering. It can be as simple as a toast of glasses between two people or a friend family or two.

Even if it’s the three of you as a family reading stories by candlelight. It goes back to tradition. And family. And how decor (in this case, candles) contributes to these ideas and more.

Do what feels right to you. Stay warm and look towards those longer days. They’re just around the corner! Even in Seattle.

Many of the religions new and old have celebrations this time of year (and especially having to do with light!). I’m handing this over to Wikipedia to tell you more about them.

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